Dark Island Swinging Bridge

townsend tn cabinsFor pretty views of the river and lots of fun, stop by the Dark Island Swinging Bridge. This stop is definitely worth your time during your trip and it’s not far from our clean, affordable Townsend TN Cabins. Most people are scared to cross a swinging bridge, but this bridge is really neat! The scenic views are unimaginable and its convenient to get to. It’s right off of Old State Highway.

Bring along your camera because there are some nice areas to photograph. There is not much more to this area other than the bridge, so many people often remark that there should be more, however if you’ve never gotten the chance to run across, or tip toe across, a real, old fashioned swinging bridge, you’ll want to check it out. Kids love this spot for this reason! It’s just neat and it calls to mind various scenes from Hollywood adventure films like Peter Pan, The Goonies, and the Indian Jones franchise movies.

If you head over to visit the bridge during a warm, sunny day, you are likely to catch a glimpse of tubers and waders following the flow of the lazy river downstream. It will probably make you want to take a dip yourself. Interested in tubing? Check out the info we have included on tubing and the lazy river close to our Townsend TN Cabins.